Original Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm White Pen @ Gearbest $2.89 + FS

Thumb Score: 0 There’s a ‘flash sale’ going on right now on GearBest where this pen, which has hit FP multiple times at the $3.40+ dollar price point, is selling without any coupon codes at $2.89 and includes free shipping.

Be warned, it HAS been on sale as low as a $1.20, but usually sells out within the hour in those cases. Also, Gear’Best’ has some fairly mediocre at best shipping. I’ve had some luck where items arrive within the week while one amp I got took nearly a month and a half to arrive.

Figured this will be better, but may as well notify people about it while the sale is up and a better deal than most I’ve seen.

June 10th, 2017 by